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Awards and Distinctions

We are very proud of the members of our group whose assiduous research work has been distinguished!

Here is an overview of the prizes they have been awarded with:

Group Member
Award / Distinction
Conferred by
Niclas Böhmer, Klaus Heeger
December 2020
Best Paper Award and Best Student Paper Award
A Fine-Grained View on Stable Many-To-One Matching Problems with Lower and Upper Quotas
WINE 2020,
(virtual), organized by Peking University, Beijing
Andrzej Kaczmarczyk
January 2020
Outstanding Program Committee Member (12 out of 6000)
AAAI 2020, New York, USA
Matthias Bentert
September 2017
Best Student Paper Award
Parameterized Aspects of Triangle Enumeration.
FCT 2017, Bordeaux, France
Matthias Bentert, René van Bevern, André Nichterlein, Rolf Niedermeier
September 2017
Best Paper Award
Parameterized Algorithms for Power-Efficient Connected Symmetric Wireless Sensor Networks
ALGO 2017 - Algosensors
Vienna, Austria
Robert Bredereck, Christian Komusiewicz,
Stefan Kratsch, Hendrik Molter, Rolf Niedermeier, Manuel Sorge
May 2017
Best Paper Award
Assessing the Computational Complexity of Multi-layer Subgraph Detection
CIAC 2017, Athens, Greece
Nimrod Talmon
December 2016
PhD Thesis Award
Algorithmic Aspects of Manipulation and Anonymization in Social Choice and Social Networks.
Dr. Wilhelmy Foundation
Jiehua Chen
October 2016
Klaus Tschira Award for Understandable Science (PhD Thesis)
Exploiting Structure in Computationally Hard Voting Problems.
Klaus Tschira Foundation
Anne-Sophie Himmel, Hendrik Molter, Rolf Niedermeier, Manuel Sorge
August 2016
Paper Runner-Up
Enumerating Maximal Cliques In Temporal Graphs.
ASONAM 2016, San Francisco, USA
André Nichterlein
December 2015
Tiburtius Recognition Award (PhD Thesis)
Degree-Constrained Editing of Small-Degree Graphs.
Universities of Berlin
René van Bevern, Christian Komusiewicz, Manuel Sorge
September 2015
Best Paper Award
Approximation Algorithms for Mixed, Windy and Capacitated Arc Routing Problems.
ATMOS 2015, Patras, Greece
Manuel Sorge
July 2015
Excellent Student Paper Award
On Kernelization and Approximation for the Vector Connectivity Problem.
IPEC 2015, Patras, Greece
Sepp Hartung,
André Nichterlein
Best Student Paper Award
NP-Hardness and Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Realizing Degree Sequences with Directed Acyclic Graphs
CiE 2012, Cambridge, UK
Nadja Betzler, Rolf Niedermeier, Gerhard Wöginger
July 2011
Distinguished Paper Award
Unweighted Coalitional Manipulation Under the Borda Rule Is NP-Hard.
IJCAI 2011, Barcelona, Spain



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