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The varied landscape of consistent approval-based multi-winner rules

Martin Lackner (University of Oxford)


The goal of this talk is to provide an overview of recent work on approval-based multi-winner rules. Approval-based multi-winner rules
are voting rules that select a fixed-size group of candidates based on approval ballots. Such rules are applicable to in a wide range of scenarios and consequently may aim for widely diverging objectives.

In this talk, I introduce the class of counting rules and discuss axiomatic characterizations of rules in this class. In particular, I present axiomatic characterizations of three import consistent multi-winner rules: Proportional Approval Voting, Multi-Winner Approval Voting and Approval Chamberlin--Courant.
These results demonstrate the variety of multi-winner rules and the different, orthogonal goals that multi-winner voting rules may pursue.

This talk is based on joint work with Piotr Skowron.


Martin Lackner
TEL 512

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