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Algorithmic Foundations of Swarm Robotics

Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide (Universität Paderborn, Heinz Nixdorf Institute and Computer Science Department)


Swarm robotics considers large swarms of relatively simple mobile robots deployed to some 2- or 3-dimensional area. These robots have very limited sensor capabilities; typically they can only observe aspects of their local environment. The objective of swarm robotics is to understand which global behavior of a swarm is induced by local strategies, simultaneously executed by the individual robots. Typically, the decisions of the individual robots are based on local information only. In this talk, I look at simple models of swarms of identical, anonymous robots: they are points in the plane and “see” only their neighbors, i.e. the robots within distance one. I will focus on distributed local strategies of such swarms that result in formations like “gathering in one point” or “forming a line”. I will present several strategies for such formation problems, both in discrete and continuous time models, and show upper and lower bounds for their runtime and energy consumption.


Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide
TEL 512

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