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Streaming Kernelization

M.Sc. Stefan Fafianie (TU Berlin)

Kernelization is a formalization of preprocessing for combinatorially hard problems. We modify the standard definition for kernelization, which allows any polynomial-time algorithm for the preprocessing, by requiring instead that the preprocessing runs in a streaming setting and uses O(poly(k)log|x|) bits of memory on instances (x,k). We obtain several results in this new setting, depending on the number of passes over the input that such a streaming kernelization is allowed to make. Edge Dominating Set turns out as an interesting example because it has no single-pass kernelization but two passes over the input suffice to match the bounds of the best standard kernelization.

Joint work with Stefan Kratsch.

22.05.2014 16:15
Stefan Fafianie
TEL 512

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