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Algorithmics and Computational Complexity Research GroupTalk 25.04.2013


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An LP relaxation for the Steiner Forest Problem

Anh Quyen Vuong, M.Sc. (TU Berlin)

In my talk, I will present parts of my Master's thesis about an LP relaxation for the Steiner Forest Problem (SFP),
which is called Lifted-Cut relaxation.
It will be shown that the Lifted-Cut Relaxation is better than the standard LP relaxation for SFP which is based on cut constraints.
The rest of my talk is about how to generalize Lifted-cut Relaxation to other problems in graphs.
For the Steiner Tree problem, we get a positive result: an LP relaxation with a polynomial number of constraints.
For the Network Design Problem, we will show a negative result by constructing a counter example.

25.04.2013 16:15
Anh Quyen Vuong
TEL 512

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