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A New View on Rural Postman Based on Eulerian Extension and Matching

Mathias Weller (TU Berlin)
We provide a new characterization of the NP-hard arc routing problem Rural Postman in terms of a constrained variant of minimum-weight perfect matching on bipartite graphs. To this end, we employ a parameterized equivalence between Rural Postman and Eulerian Extension, a natural arc addition problem in directed multigraphs. We indicate the NP-hardness of the introduced matching problem. In particular, we use it to make some partial progress towards answering the open question about the parameterized complexity of Rural Postman with respect to the number of weakly connected components in the graph induced by the required arcs. This is a more than thirty years open and long-time neglected question with significant practical relevance.

This is joint work with Manuel Sorge, René van Bevern, and Rolf Niedermeier. This talk will also be given at the 22th International Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (IWOCA 2011).

15.06.2011 14:15
Mathias Weller

FR 6510

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