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On Finding Points in General Position

Vincent Froese (TU Berlin)

We study computational aspects of the General Position Subset Selection problem, that is, given a set of n points in the plane and an integer k, find a subset of points in general position of size at least k. We prove several hardness results including NP- and APX-hardness, as well as an exponential running time lower bound based on the Exponential Time Hypothesis. On the positive side, we show that an existing O(k^4)-point problem kernel by Cao (2012) can be improved to O(k^3) points. We also show a problem kernel containing O(h^2) points for the dual parameter h := n - k and prove that this is essentially optimal by adapting a framework of Kratsch et al. (2014). We conclude with several open questions.

Vincent Froese
TEL 512

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